In Canada, CRYO® offers a professional filtered and sparkling water cooler for sale. What is it really?
This water cooler ensures that your table water is of unparalleled quality in terms of filtration and neutrality, while being ecologically oriented!
Discover below, step by step, the details of this fountain and its strong points.


Filtering water cooler

First of all, this water cooler has a patented filter, called Carbon Block. This technology ensures that the water is forced through a high density carbon. This forced filtration eliminates all the pollutants present in the water network, while preserving trace elements and minerals.

Thus, thanks to this filtering water cooler, the water is neutral, odorless and tasteless.


Sparkling water fountain

In addition to being filtered, this water can be served in an unlimited way, at room temperature or refreshed.

Moreover, this professional water cooler also offers the luxury of being able to carbonate the water served. Your customers will be able to drink quality water, still or sparkling!


Professional fountain for ecological restaurant

The clientele dedicated to this type of professional fountain is of course the restaurant industry.

CRYO® offers gastronomic restaurants, hotels, etc. the possibility of being more ecological by eliminating all plastic bottles.

Indeed, the professional fountain offer is accompanied by the provision of CRYO® glass bottles, easily cleanable and reusable without limit.


If you also want to promote yourself as an ecological restaurant, serving filtered water, better for your health and the tasting of your dishes, in still or sparkling version, it’s easy! Simply contact us by phone at 418 929-7518.
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