The primary objective is to take care of your customers’ health by offering them CRYO® filtered water. This filtered water is odorless, tasteless and above all free of pollutants. Thus, you no longer suffer the harmful effects of your tap water but transform it into water that is good for your health. Thanks to the CRYO® still and sparkling water cooler, your gastronomic table in Quebec will attract the curious…
How does tap water affect the taste of a dish? How does filtered water enhance the discovery of a (new) address? This is the challenge for new customers interested in fine dining… Once your establishment has communicated this change, a new clientele will come to you.
Of course, the existing and loyal clientele will be delighted with such an investment.
Make an appointment without delay with our team to discover all OUR PLUS. You will learn more about the positive points of this CRYO® filtered water in still and sparkling water fountains. We will discuss the taste, technical and marketing aspects for your gourmet table.
To do so, simply contact us by phone at 418 929-7518  or via the contact form. We will then be able to get in touch with you and reveal to you all the nuggets hidden behind the name CRYO® filtered water in the form of still and sparkling water fountains.
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